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Our whole range of treatments is based on psychosomatics. As a therapeutical measure. we consider the talking as important  as the treatment with medicinal substances, be it plant, homeopathic or chemical medicine. If necessary, we will provide any medical treatment, starting with the softest method possible,  from phytotherapy to antibiotics, hormons or even surgical interventions if we find this to be recommendable.

Following your pregnancy

  • Elaborated first consultation
  • Enough time for your questions
  • First, second and third trimester screening, color Doppler, 3D/4D ultrasound
  • Nuchal translucency measurement with Lab, Non Invasive Prenatal Test NIPT (e.g. Harmony®-Test).
  • Specific antibody testing for infections relevant in pregnancy (toxoplasmosis, cytomegaly, infectious erythema)
  • Special advisory service for delivery, maternity clinic and birth mode
  • Family centered care: We love to see your partner and your children (for assisting at ultrasound, children should be older than 3)

Not getting pregnant? Consultation and therapy

To help you getting pregnant as quick as possible, we provide

  • basic diagnostics, hormonal analysis and ultrasound measurement of follicles
  • therapeutic alternatives for getting pregnant
  • basic therapy
  • close cooperation with specialized practices


We offer

  • counseling in contraceptive measures
  • teenager-consultation hours: recognized empathic first consultation without examination
  • no gynecological examination for virgins
  • sexual counseling
  • a lot of experience in painless intrauterine placement of IUDs


Your metabolism is submitted to changes around menopause (last menstruation) and is often leading to loss of physical or mental energy. The cause can be found by measuring the blood level of minerals, vitamines or hormons.   Deficits or lack of hormons can be compensated through plant or mineral extracts that can also be administered by intravenous infusion. Speak with us if you are concerned by these issues.

Prevention and vaccination

To prevent health troubles or diseases, start with reexamining your own way of life. You can’t begin early enough with good nutrition or enough of good movement. It is proven that improvement of both can prevent breast cancer.
We also would provide you with specific protection against diseases through vaccination like influenza or pertussis, even during pregnancy.

Cancer prevention examination

We provide

  • examination for the early diagnostic of breast and cervix cancer including colposcopy and HPV-testing.
  • Accurate ultrasound for early recognition of ovary cancer or cancer of the uterus mucosa (endometrium).
  • Accurate examination of the breasts with ultrasound in case of necessity.
  • We talk as well before the examination about your needs, your wishes and expectations than after it about the results.
  • Short ways to specialised practices or clinics through our tight network and longtime collaboration with specialized practices and clinics.


Beside the talking and the gynecological examination, ultrasound plays a major role to find diseases and troubles in gynecology as early as possible or for the early discovery of fetal malformations in obstetrics.

Homeopathy and Anthroposophical medicine

Founded by Samuel Hahnemann at the beginning of the  19th century: "treating the same with the same“
It’s a healing method using substances whose effects after a pure or concentrated administration to humans are observed.  Following Hahnemann’s idea, these symptoms can be treated by the same substance if you process it by diluing it continuesly (1:10 or 1:100 D1 or D100, then 1:100 or 1:1000: D2 od C2) and shaking it several times: this process is called potenciation.
An accurate anamnesis is necessary to collect all the symptoms of a patient and to find the fitting healing substance, often with the help of a repertory of symptoms. Acute troubles can also be treated by proven substances according to the experience of the healer.  
Anthroposophical Medicine:
Founded by Rudolf Steiner at the beginning of the  20th century:
 (a very short overview).

This medicinic concept uses natural drugs:

- found through the analogy in the morphologic structure of plants and the human body (where the human body is regarded as an upside down plant). Extreme morphologic „deformation“ in plants is normal and turns them into another plant species, whereas such deformations in men – one existing species – leads to diseases. 

- found through the partition of the human body and mind into a physical body (mineral part: physically mediated by stones or rocks), an etheric body (vital part: physically mediated by water), an astral body (sensitive part: physically mediated by air) and the „I“ which allows self-consciousness: physically mediated by heat). Permanent imbalance between these four bodies is the base for potential diseases and needs a rebalancing therapy.